21 Hysterical Inventions by People Who Think They are Creative

  1. 1 Gf broke the water filter, so I fixed it. Nailed it!

  2. 2 Dropped my wine glass earlier. My wife won't suspect a thing

  3. 3 Recent Innovation! Binoculars desk lamp....

  4. 4 New fashion trend.

  5. 5 Use this DIY shield while cooking to protect yourself from hot oil splashes.

  6. 6 Dog jumping out of the car? Problem solved!

  7. 7 Never drop a book on the bath again. My 8 year old daughters invention.

  8. 8 That's one way to fix your headlight...

  9. 9 Get a grip on your phone!

  10. 10 Short charging wire? Problem solved. WOAHHH

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