20 Hysterical Animal Photos That Will Cheer You Up

Animals are adorable. Add the element of cute poses and naughty faces and they become irresistible to look at. 


On a bad day, all you want to do is to have good ice cream. But if you are trying to cut down on the calories, look at these 20 images to cheer you up. 

  1. 1 Delicious Cosmetics...

  2. 2 Excuse me, have you seen my son?

  3. 3 Apparently....

  4. 4 Some say that a dogs sense of smell

  5. 5 She comes here everyday to give him a kiss

  6. 6 I M Melting Melting Oh What A World What

  7. 7 Yikes!

  8. 8 Someone used me as snowball!

  9. 9 It's clear to me who was the most photogenic in this picture

  10. 10 He is waiting to nervously ask you to prom

  11. 11 Don't say that!

  12. 12 Going to workout....

  13. 13 The look of distress in those eyes

  14. 14 My brother is such an idiot

  15. 15 He's' not even remotely sorry

  16. 16 When your owner asks you who's a good boy...

  17. 17 This seal's expression explained it all...

  18. 18 Don't tell anyone!

  19. 19 Rough weeks be like....

  20. 20 There's always that one sister.

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