20 Hotels You Will Regret Staying At

Staying at a shady hotel always makes you wonder whether the house-keeping changed the sheets before you arrived or if this place is haunted by any ghosts (you know the usual thoughts). However, if you were to stay at these hotels, dirty sheets and ghosts would be the last thing on your mind. Scroll down to see what we are talking about. 

  1. 1 When your sink desires to go on strike…

  2. 2 Hotel with useless Room Rules: So what can you do for fun? Can’t eat, drink or cuddle? What is this hotel?

  3. 3 Mirror in my hotel room

  4. 4 50% air conditioning! LOL

  5. 5 Bedroom and bathroom; two in one

  6. 6 Did not find a mattress to the extent needed

  7. 7 Saw this guy in a hotel. Asked wth he was doing. Said' " There's wifi here." Then turned back around.

  8. 8 And before anyone asks; no, I haven’t ran at the wall. I don’t think my travel insurance covers fantasy book inspired nose breaks

  9. 9 Airplane Bathroom: When an airplane engineer needs a now job and tries to design a hotel, this happens.

  10. 10 My hotel has this sweet a** balcony

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