15 Hilariously Overprotective People

Some people are naturally overprotective. They enter the stadium wearing a helmet just so their nose doesn’t break ‘in case’ the ball hits them or they chain their car from outside to keep it from getting stolen. So, today at BemeThis, we have an enormous number of pictures to prove that the imagination of such people really has no limitation. 

  1. 1 Hair protector

  2. 2 No one come close to me

  3. 3 Thanks again Amazon

  4. 4 Rules For Dating My Daughter

  5. 5 This over protective dad!

  6. 6 And some hotels just go beyond that.

  7. 7 Who needs technology when you have this, right?

  8. 8 Safety comes first

  9. 9 Just in case, you know…

  10. 10 “What the hell are you wearing, Barry?”

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