20 Hilariously Miserable Situations Men Have to Face When their Wives are Pregnant

  1. 1 What My Pregnant Wife Packs To Go Shopping

  2. 2 My Pregnant Wife Went To Buy Some Milk And Baby Formula…

  3. 3 Weekend Getaway Before Baby

  4. 4 Why Yes, My Wife Is Pregnant. Why Do You Ask?

  5. 5 What Happens When You Have A Pregnant Wife At Home, And You Leave Your Phone In Your Car For An Hour

  6. 6 I Think He’s On To Me

  7. 7 Pregnant Wife Forgot To Put Filling In My Sandwich Due To Her Mooshbrain

  8. 8 Lmao! My Poor Hubby, Maybe If They Made The Vanilla In Neopolitan Ice Cream Taste Better I’d Eat It

  9. 9 She’s Threatening Me With A Divorce Over Fast Food

  10. 10 I Don’t Know If We Have Enough Pickles!

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