20 Genius Advertising Campaigns

As marketeers we have all seen advertising campaigns that purely make us envy. Even though we are a little jealous on the inside we can’t go without appreciating them as the effort behind those campaigns is pretty evident. 


However, to appreciate the efforts of such marketeers you don’t really need a marketing degree.  Therefore, we have collected photos of 20 campaigns which are pure genius for the world to see. 

  1. 1 Crunchy O's

  2. 2 Coffee guerrilla marketing. So brilliant!

  3. 3 Sprite beach shower!

  4. 4 Creative Commercial Vehicle Wraps

  5. 5 Clever. Coop's paint went all out for this OOH. Genius.

  6. 6 Jumbo Muffins always in bloom!

  7. 7 Creative Dental marketing: This Street Cleaning Truck, Which is Too Creative to Brush Off

  8. 8 The sopranos: Dead mafia in cab. Brilliant idea that will surely turn heads.

  9. 9 Let it out. Literally!

  10. 10 PETA Tries Fat-Shaming to Convince People to Go Vegan

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