20 Funny Photos of Animals Busted Stealing

Spotting a thief almost always riles up people. However, when you spot an animal stealing it is nothing short of cute. From a monkey stealing a puppy to a bear taking away a bicycle, we have a hilarious collection of animals busted stealing. 

  1. 1 Milk thief

  2. 2 Big black bear checking out a bicycle

  3. 3 Monkey stealing a puppy.

  4. 4 I turn my back for 10 seconds and he's on the table and my sandwich is gone

  5. 5 This wasn't supposed to happen.

  6. 6 This is what happens when you don't have AC.

  7. 7 Am I criminal? I just take some food from trash, it should not count

  8. 8 Squirrel stealing bird feed

  9. 9 Who´s got that fish? – Funny pelicans stealing each others food.

  10. 10 Trying to get to that cheese

  11. 11 Seagulls are greedy.

  12. 12 Who doesn't love a good cupcake?

  13. 13 Bird Stealing Food

  14. 14 Hydration is so important.

  15. 15 Paprica thief

  16. 16 Dog stealing cookie

  17. 17 Their love for yummy sausage!

  18. 18 I never had seen that much cute thief

  19. 19 Don't sleep next to a deer zone.

  20. 20 My sister's cat stealing candy!

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