25 Witty After-effects of Leaving Your Kids Home Alone

  1. 1 There’s No Force More Destructive Than A Toddler Left Alone For 30 Seconds

  2. 2 When You Lose Track Of Your Toddler For Just Two Seconds

  3. 3 Sigh… I Walk Out Of The Room For A Second

  4. 4 Why You Don’t Mess With Beanbags

  5. 5 Watcha Lookin At?

  6. 6 Talk about cleaning time. Nightmare!

  7. 7 I Didn’t Do It. It Was The Dog

  8. 8 What’s Wrong Mom?

  9. 9 Never Leave A Child And A Bull Terrier Alone In The Same Room

  10. 10 This kid thought the fireplace was a perfectly acceptable sandbox.


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