10+ Of The Most Funny Text Message Conversations

It’s not just auto-correct that makes mistakes. Sometimes it’s a good sense of humour or sometimes texting the wrong number, a parent or texting whilst you are drunk can result in some hilarious conversations.


Take a look at these 20 funniest text messages of all times and burst the bubble of gloominess. And also let us know in the comments below, which message made you laugh out loud.

1- Nugget is a "New" word for Hi

2- Sleep Tight

3- New definition of American

4- This Is Epic

5- It's Even More Confusing

6- Nightmare

7- That Is One Funny Dog

8- Stay Away From My Muffin

9- Drunken Secrets

10- She really is in love with cereals

11- Another Drunk Person

12- Harsh Truth

13- Lol

14- That's why don't text while driving..

15- Love For GOT

16- Worst “Happy Birthday” wish to husband

17- The date wasn’t all right

18- This is what to do when you miss someone

19- Come To The Point Already

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