20 of the Most Funny Oops Moments Photos

Life is full of Oops moments that are both strange and hilarious. We’ve all had our Oops moments, and they’re what make life colorful. Often these moments are caught on camera and shared online by our friends and family. These Oops moment pictures can range from a funny fall and a hysterical facial expression to wedgies and other pranks.


 Scroll down, listed below are 20 extremely amusing moments that were caught on camera. Who knows, they may remind you of your own Oops moment memories!

  1. 1 Yes! It hurts....

  2. 2 When life give you gators, make gatorade!!

  3. 3 Astronomy: The Study Of Heavenly Bodies!!

  4. 4 Right in the middle....

  5. 5 An awkward splash!!

  6. 6 Splash!!

  7. 7 Grounded Lady!!

  8. 8 Top notch selfie, sir.

  9. 9 Oops! Someone is having a bad day!

  10. 10 Aaand here comes the trouble!

  11. 11 God Bless you!

  12. 12 An overloaded car!

  13. 13 Caroline Marcil -- Fallen


  14. 14 Wrong Move!!

  15. 15 How to show haters your new sneakers....!!

  16. 16 Somebody needs help!

  17. 17 This girl is on fire....!!

  18. 18 Oops! Wedding dance gone wrong.....!!

  19. 19 Perhaps this fella' just wasn’t a fan of her.

  20. 20 Oh deer! It's a bit nippy!

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