20 Funniest Drunk Celebrity Photos

Movie stars have a way of life that all of us wish for. There's a long list of famous people that are known to be party animals. Well, at times, things have gotten out of hands for many of these celebrities. Having a little extra booze has often resulted in troubling after effects for many celebs. 


Here are some of the funniest celebs who drank more than they could take.

  1. 1 Simon does not approve

  2. 2 Bottoms up!

  3. 3 I'm not drunk. You're drunk!

  4. 4 Charlie's flying peeps

  5. 5 Harry-not-so-styled

  6. 6 Peter Parker, where you at?

  7. 7 Don't Need No Help Fellas!

  8. 8 Somebody drop me home

  9. 9 Hi, Wall. Let's be friends

  10. 10 When you drink with all the FREEDOM

  11. 11 Are you the bar?

  12. 12 I'm Batman *pukes*

  13. 13 So being Elegantly drunk is a thing

  14. 14 10 points of Gryffindor!

  15. 15 Where's my talking car when I need it?!

  16. 16 Just a "little" high

  17. 17 TARS.. that you?

  18. 18 Dumbledore shall be proud

  19. 19 Prince of Persia searching for some liquor

  20. 20 Oh High Paris!

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