20 Face Swaps That Failed Spectacularly

Technology has been surprising us throughout our lives. With the invention of cell phones, highly capable computers and all kinds of gadgets, having fun with your friends and family has also gotten easier. Face swap is a feature that was first introduced by Snapchat and caught the attention of millions. 


The post shall crack you up even if you’re not a fan of face swaps. Check out these 20 hilariously failed face swaps that’ll make your day.

  1. 1 Upside Down

  2. 2 Fist Faced

  3. 3 Nightmare came true

  4. 4 Cookie Monster

  5. 5 Nightmare worthy Tinky-Winky swap.

  6. 6 WHAT....?

  7. 7 The dog got new face!

  8. 8 Furry face

  9. 9 Face Swap goes hilariously wrong!

  10. 10 So, this happened!

  11. 11 Now she's looking more cute!

  12. 12 That's why one should never play with food!!

  13. 13 Too much confusion going on here....

  14. 14 Ginger girls cookies!

  15. 15 Look Scary..!

  16. 16 Now she is faceless!

  17. 17 She got teethy beard!

  18. 18 Apple Pie face!

  19. 19 Loooolx...!

  20. 20 Big Mouth!

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