20 Epic Photos of Misery

Have you ever dropped your slice of bread right after putting butter on it or gotten spoilers of your favorite show right before watching the latest episode? 


No matter how bad your luck is, it can never be as bad as these people’s luck. So, let’s take a look at these miserable photos and feel good about our lives. 

  1. 1 Close the door and forget what happened

  2. 2 This girl is on fire!

  3. 3 One of the most embarrassing moments!

  4. 4 When DIY goes wrong...

  5. 5 Lol! better start buying toothbrushes in two packs!

  6. 6 Seems like mankind has still to evolute into a smart species.

  7. 7 Never fall asleep in the sun with cereal bowl and spoon on your lap.

  8. 8 Unsuccessful completion of winter fishing...

  9. 9 Well..Crap!

  10. 10 On the plus side - the iron now looks stylish as....

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