20 Epic Online Shopping Disasters

The rapidly moving world of technology and E-commerce has created great ease for customers that like to shop online. Shopping online has its pros and cons. You may find cheap deals for stuff you've really wanted for a long time, whereas, you can also get tricked into buying something you never needed.


Have you ever ordered something online which turned out to be a complete waste of your time and money? These 20 people have. Here are 20 photos of people that have had the funniest online shopping experiences.

  1. 1 Bought the loose tank top but ended up receiving a body-hugging mini dress instead.

  2. 2 Surprise Chair....!

  3. 3 Star War Princes or Casper?

  4. 4 Ordered regular tights but got Toe Tights!

  5. 5 These shoes....!

  6. 6 Online shopping Expectation Vs. Reality!

  7. 7 The colours are right, sort of!

  8. 8 One Leg fitting skirt!

  9. 9 My Sister Ordered A Dress Online.....

  10. 10 My friend ordered a dustpan.... trying to figure out where we find a broom to match

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