20 Epic Construction Fails

There are plenty of dramas going on at a construction site. If you been to one then you must know how overwhelming the whole scene is. Since, engineers and workers have so much on their plate, it is very easy to lose sight of what they actually have to do and make a mess of everything.


How engineers can screw up so bad at such a huge level, is wayy beyond us! But hey, at least we all get to have a good laugh, right?

Scroll down and check out the 20 epic construction fails!

  1. 1 Path that leads nowhere

  2. 2 Close Enough!

  3. 3 Should I call a plumber or an electrician?

  4. 4 That would be a prime seat at a Styx concert.

  5. 5 No room for romance!

  6. 6 Stairway to heaven... Probably!

  7. 7 The last Carousel someone will ever ride...

  8. 8 This architect already knew no one would actually want to enter this store

  9. 9 Is the system secure? Me: Technically...

  10. 10 A secrete door! What's behind this door?

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