20 Epic Celebrities’ Makeup Blunders

We have all had our fair share of makeup fails but with a little speed we un-tag those photos on Facebook or delete them from our phones. Celebrities, however don’t have this luxury.


From using a little too much bronzer to overdoing lipstick, we have some amazing celebrity makeup blunders on this list.

  1. 1 Miley Cyrus' powder blunder

  2. 2 Sonam Kapoor's tried super tan makeup, which gone horribly wrong.

  3. 3 Kristen Stewart's Intense eye makeup fail, making her look like a walking dead!

  4. 4 Eva Longoria's too much powder blunder!

  5. 5 Angelina Jolie: There's "contouring" and then there's "icing" as seen on

  6. 6 Nicole Kidman's white powder moment

  7. 7 Victoria Beckham: There's "Smokey Eyes" and then there's "Spooky Eyes" as seen on

  8. 8 Kesha's Outlandish, unnatural lip colour

  9. 9 Tylor Momsen's Panda Eyes...

  10. 10 Jessica Biel's detectable translucent powder

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