23 Epic Beach Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Who doesn’t love a nice day out at the beach? As summers set in, beaches become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. From basking in the summer sun to swimming and surfing, there is so much you can do at a beach.


Like everywhere else, you’re sure to find some colorful figures on the beach as well. They make the trip to the beach a lot more comical with their wacky and absurd personalities. Following are 23 beach fails that are sure to make you laugh, Number 10 is just weird: 

  1. 1 Don't you sometimes wish you were a Chimpanzee?

  2. 2 Who trained this dog? How even?!

  3. 3 When your Girlfriend is a WWE fan..

  4. 4 I was here just for a car wash

  5. 5 Him: Hey, honey. There's a cyclone coming. Her: Yeah, let's name it Daisy.

  6. 6 You can pull this off, with your kids...or with stranger's kid's on the beach, do it! It would be fun!

  7. 7 Presenting you the infamous Hair Bikini

  8. 8 Need some help

  9. 9 That's not how you catch woman..

  10. 10 Because the beach is no place for Pokemons

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