20 DIY Projects That Ended Up Into Hilarious Creations

Some people are creative to the extent of stupidity or maybe they’re just lazy and they’ll do anything to get the job done. Regardless of the motivation behind their projects, these people come up with hilarious DIY solutions to everyday problems.


If we judge them honestly, some of these solutions are not so bad. And honestly, if it works and gets the job done then why not?

Listed in this post are 20 hilarious DIY projects by geniuses who’re too lazy to follow the set methods:

  1. 1 The doctor said I needed to cover more steps each day

  2. 2 She made her wedding dress out of burrito wrappers! The burrito princess!

  3. 3 Planters To creep YOU out...we're watching you...we're ALWAYS watching you....

  4. 4 Turn your denim jeans into a flower pot.

  5. 5 Put your kids inside the soap dispenser.

  6. 6 Hilarious but slightly disturbing doll parts coat rack!

  7. 7 Productive evening spent gluing dead things and doll parts to flowers.

  8. 8 What a great Doggie Bed! Just think of all the crotch sniffing going on?!


  10. 10 Funny looking pink flamingo chandelier!

  11. 11 Cameltoe! Also achievable by wearing leggings

  12. 12 Ice cold

  13. 13 Achieved the highest level of comfort. P.S. DIY bunk bed/sofa!

  14. 14 ‘Modern Aesthetic’

  15. 15 Recycling done right

  16. 16 Would do anything to kill the summer heat

  17. 17 Because side mirrors are important

  18. 18 The mailman can judge me all he wants

  19. 19 They are getting bigger everyday!

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