20 Designers and Architects Who Really Need a Break

Just like society sets unrealistic beauty standards for women, buyers start having unrealistic expectations of creativity from designers. Yes, the job of designers is to be creative but the pressure of being out of the box and coming up with something extraordinary can be overwhelming and under stress designers come up with ideas which look like the ones below

  1. 1 Most useless chair I have ever seen...!

  2. 2 Is it a phirt or a shurse?

  3. 3 Let it do the job!

  4. 4 Summer slippers

  5. 5 The Gillette chair: Relax and shave your butt at the same time!

  6. 6 Wanna tissue?

  7. 7 Meat freak

  8. 8 Better than smart phones!

  9. 9 Fully equipped

  10. 10 Enlighten that face

  11. 11 Meanwhile in Amsterdam.....

  12. 12 Imagine using this....

  13. 13 Casual friday

  14. 14 Monday mood...

  15. 15 Koolkids

  16. 16 Oh Dear, Somebody is Getting Fired!

  17. 17 Three phase fashion

  18. 18 Another unrealistic body expectation for women

  19. 19 Drop the selfie stick, use the SELFIE SHOES instead!

  20. 20 Fishy Fashion...!

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