20 Completely Pointless Tips You’ll Ever Know

  1. 1 Incase you don't have microwave....

  2. 2 Change your Iphone 5s colour within seconds

  3. 3 Want to get rid of wrinkles fast? Just get bit by a rattlesnake

  4. 4 Computer running too hot? Simply water cool it to keep the temperatures down!

  5. 5 A waterproof phone case is only a few dollars away

  6. 6 Having a sh*tty day? Put on your sunglasses. Now you're having a sh*tty night

  7. 7 Replace a broken ring of the shower curtain with this easy hack

  8. 8 Secure your lunch with a padlock

  9. 9 Put your bolognese into the washing machine if what you really wanted was carbonara

  10. 10 If your headphones are tangled just spray them with some Johnson's no more tangles

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