20 Comical Mannequin Malfunctions

  1. 1 I bet that men mannequins are not in those kind of poses

  2. 2 This Dress Blew Her Mind

  3. 3 BUT MOOOOoOoMmmmm.... I don't wanna...

  4. 4 I See Your Nordstrom Mannequin, And I Raise You Macy’s

  5. 5 I Raise You Two Creepy Mannequins

  6. 6 Just Another Unrealistic Body Expectation For Women

  7. 7 Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

  8. 8 I Saw This Mannequin At Target The Other Day

  9. 9 This Hyped Up Mannequin

  10. 10 Finally A Mannequin That Adequately Reflects How Buff I Look In Polo Shirts

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