10 Celebrities Who Look Like Iconic Cartoon Characters

What came first, celebrities or their cartoon lookalikes? And why exactly do so many celebrities have cartoon doppelgangers? Nobody can answer these super crucial questions. So, stop wondering and troubling your mind and treat yourself to this gallery of celebrity cartoon doppelganger photos.

  1. 1 Bryan Cranston and Ned Flanders

  2. 2 Carrot Top and Lion-O

  3. 3 Emma Stone and Princess Anna

  4. 4 Justin Bieber and Peter Pan

  5. 5 Larry King and Professor Farnsworth

  6. 6 Macklemore and Roger Klotz

  7. 7 Martin Scorsese and Carl Fredricksen

  8. 8 Michael Moore and Peter Griffin

  9. 9 Michelle Williams and Tinkerbell

  10. 10 Steve Harvey and Mr. Potato

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