20 Funny Pun Costumes By Creative People

It’s August already and Halloween is just two months away. Can you believe it? The best day of the year is coming upon us and even though it will arrive in a few weeks, why don’t  we plan ahead and stay on top of our costume game?
I mean why repeat the same kind of costumes every year when we can branch out and look as cool as these peoople are looking. Let us know if you have found the right costume for yourself.

  1. 1 Tooth and Fairy= Toothfairy

  2. 2 GandALF

  3. 3 Meet my sister's coworker, Jon Snow White!

  4. 4 Iron Man

  5. 5 Black (Pink) Panther

  6. 6 Cereal Killer

  7. 7 Zom-Bee

  8. 8 Taco Belle

  9. 9 The Black Eyed Peas

  10. 10 Atom-Family

  11. 11 Ginger Bread Man

  12. 12 50 Shades Of Grey

  13. 13 Deviled Egg

  14. 14 DumbleDora the Explorer

  15. 15 One night stand

  16. 16 Big Foot

  17. 17 Halo Kitty

  18. 18 Ceiling Fan

  19. 19 Social Butterfly

  20. 20 Ice Ice Baby

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