20 Brilliant Photo Manipulations That Will Amaze You

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This also applies to digitally manipulated photos. One of the most creative forms of art is photo manipulation. By using digital arts and manipulation, artists are speaking out against the atrocities of society and expressing themselves through symbolic messages and color psychology. 


In this photo we have compiled a list of 20 brilliant photo manipulations to appeal your senses. The 8th one is my favorite, don’t miss it. Scroll on and enjoy peeps: 

  1. 1 Iron man! Literally!

  2. 2 You Got a Big Nose Dude

  3. 3 Peek-A-Boo

  4. 4 Glasses are the new eyes

  5. 5 Upside Down

  6. 6 Never Mind it

  7. 7 Big Head, Little Body

  8. 8 My Turn

  9. 9 Heavy!!

  10. 10 Elephant Face Funny Air Balloon

  11. 11 Make Over

  12. 12 Wasabi Chips."Wakes you up with every bite"

  13. 13 Two sides

  14. 14 Head Juice

  15. 15 Voice inside You

  16. 16 Gym Boy

  17. 17 Watch Out

  18. 18 Head for Sale

  19. 19 Sour lolipop

  20. 20 Keep your eyes open!

  21. 21 Twisted Woman!

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