20 Awkward Texts That Caused Breakups

Being in a relationship is an awesome feeling. Couples can’t seem to stay away from each other for too long. However, that gets a little out of hand at times and a point comes where they keep checking up on each other throughout the day. 


During all this clinginess, if one half of the couple is found lying, the text conversations can get awkward and funny.

  1. 1 Red Handed!

  2. 2 Dear Tim, you can have your heart back

  3. 3 It's simple. Just don't turn.

  4. 4 Should have introduced them before

  5. 5 Plot Twist!

  6. 6 They're teaming up on him

  7. 7 Ouch

  8. 8 At least he has a math test. Many of us don't even have that.

  9. 9 Well, that's one way to do it

  10. 10 Daddy's girl

  11. 11 L M A O

  12. 12 Peter Smith is also a decent surname

  13. 13 Not the Xbox, please!

  14. 14 Beautifully put

  15. 15 Bright students dont need no books to study

  16. 16 Double Trouble

  17. 17 Puzzle Solved

  18. 18 Wait WHAT?!

  19. 19 At least he has an extra song in his collection now

  20. 20 Way to go Lynette

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