20 Animals Having Bad Day

It’s extremely common to stumble across people having a bad day. But when you see animals having a bad it’s just hilarious (well, not if they’re sick or something). 


To cheer you up after a tiring day, we have compiled the right mix of animal memes. After all, what is a better way of putting a smile on your face than looking at cute animals. 

  1. 1 The best way to look slimmer

  2. 2 High jump practicing class

  3. 3 The sky is the limit. Would you call it just the worst day? I would rather say it D’day

  4. 4 Ouch! What’s it up to?

  5. 5 It wasn’t me! I’ve been framed

  6. 6 Can you imagine animals caught so badly? Swing it or save it! But, pull it out of the net

  7. 7 Save me! Am stuck badly

  8. 8 Hanging around

  9. 9 Blinded by the light

  10. 10 The birdseed burglar

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