20 Amazingly Unusual Things

  1. 1 These are mine now!

  2. 2 Here is the curly chicken!

  3. 3 Extremely Rare Sneakers!

  4. 4 Chicken: The black version!

  5. 5 This Amazing Perfectly Spiral Aloe plant

  6. 6 DIY Life Jacket!

  7. 7 A Unique Perfectly Round Egg!

  8. 8 Unusual Tiers of Clouds!

  9. 9 Upside down Unique house design!

  10. 10 Woman with longest nails in the world!

  11. 11 The Unusually Large Tyres

  12. 12 Dried lava looks uncannily like bodies being sucked into Hell

  13. 13 his cloud looks like a soldier shooting a gun.

  14. 14 Nature's Kiss!

  15. 15 These Unusual Perfectly straight bananas!

  16. 16 My curly fry is literally the “&” symbol

  17. 17 This really tall dandelion.

  18. 18 Unusual Red Bananas!

  19. 19 Annual migration of red crabs

    The annual migration of 120 million red crabs creates quite a sight as they make their way to the ocean.

  20. 20 A Bike-Tree Grows On Vashon

    Residents believe that someone hung this children's bicycle on a tree branch in the 1950s, and the tree then grew around it.

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