20 Most Embarrassing Fashion Trends

Alongside the funky hairstyle you had in school, the time you danced to an MJ track for your crush and the trip where you carried your fanny pack, these fashion trends surely are among your biggest regrets.


As ideas and preferences change with our age, there's still a silver lining to the pathetic taste we once had in fashion. Photos from those times are easy to laugh at. Have a look at the 20 most embarrassing fashion trends of all time.

  1. 1 Saggy pants

  2. 2 Nose hair extensions

  3. 3 Glitter butt

  4. 4 Hairy nails

  5. 5 Bathing suit tops!

  6. 6 Red metallic face paint

  7. 7 Glitter roots

  8. 8 Lollipop lips

  9. 9 Squiggly eyebrows and lips

  10. 10 Clear Plastic Jeans

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