15 Worst and Most Hilarious Cheating Stories

Turns out, cheaters aren’t highly intelligent people, because if they were, they wouldn’t cheat in the first place. And therefore when they get caught, they become the stuff for jokes. Karma, right.

  1. 1 Why do they think the text won't be saved? It will always be saved, AJ.

  2. 2 James is a step ahead.

  3. 3 She tried for instant revenge. Didn't work. Did for him, though.

  4. 4 Lol damn!

  5. 5 That was quick.

  6. 6 Message delivered!

  7. 7 Dad got off easy.

  8. 8 That must have been awkwarad.

  9. 9 Once a cheater....

  10. 10 He got too excited.

  11. 11 Oh Danielle...

  12. 12 That's more like it!

  13. 13 NO!

  14. 14 Why didn't she talk to her son directly, though?

  15. 15 Huge balls got in the way.

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