20 WTF Fashion Looks From The Runway

Runways are a great place to get inspiration for new looks and fashion. However, at times when we are wanting to get inspiration we are left face-palming ourselves. I mean, who wears such things in their right mind, in real life?  Tell us what you think about these photos!

  1. 1 Dads...... this is the dress you get for your daughters when they start to date!!

  2. 2 Hey, I just robbed a circus and forgot leaving their pink-colored monster pet behind.

  3. 3 This is what we call Extreme Clothing!

  4. 4 Thank you for asking but I've had my breakfast.

  5. 5 "I'm With Stupid" - Inspired Fashion Collection

  6. 6 Avant-garde fashion or just a bit out there....

  7. 7 Keep Calm and Lets Pretend You Haven't Watched This!

  8. 8 Super Spy Fashion be like....

  9. 9 It's called Fashion, Look it up!

  10. 10 Wild and Creepy Look From Paris Haute Couture Week

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