15 Super Funny Dump of Photos

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Whether it is hysterical animals that make you laugh or drunk people that take you there, we have something for everyone. So, let’s take a moment to laugh at people eating invisible cereal and cats letting the dog take the fall.

  1. 1 I wonder.. a lot...

  2. 2 Finally Disney gets it!

  3. 3 Rock! Love yourself!

  4. 4 This cat got direct control over this guy!

  5. 5 This is what happen when your anxiety causes you to overreact!

  6. 6 Let it Go...!

  7. 7 Highest of excitement!

  8. 8 A guy from 3017!

  9. 9 SAY NOTHING....

  10. 10 When someone don't need drugs to get high!

  11. 11 Long Live The King!

  12. 12 Best way to show the scale...

  13. 13 Stay from this car and its owner!

  14. 14 When I have nothing to do Vs When I have so much to do!

  15. 15 Results of four hour haircut!

  16. 16 Pee O'Clock!

  17. 17 Hunky Dory!

  18. 18 Cutest version of batman!

  19. 19 Dogs stretching be like....

  20. 20 Seen Lots Of Disney Movies

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