15 Photos With Funny Background

Ever heard of the saying ‘a photo is as good as it’s background’? No? Well, it’s not a very popular phrase.. Alright, I came up with it just now. The point is, the background of an image is really important but sometimes your luck isn’t by your side and your image turns out to look like the ones below: 

  1. 1 Triggered!

  2. 2 Bad timing or perfect timing?

  3. 3 His reaction seriously deserves an Oscar.

  4. 4 This guy is clearly not a very big fan of love or "Vampire Diaries"

  5. 5 Bae caught me slipping!

  6. 6 Feel free to take your clothes off gentlemen and please post the pictures....

  7. 7 Can you see a naked man in the shower?

  8. 8 When you try to take a nice picture at the mall...

  9. 9 I hope those girls gave him a good smack after reviewing the photo!

  10. 10 When you see it.

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