20 of The Most Amusing and Awkward Names Ever

People from different countries have different names. Those names might have a very nice meaning in their language of origin but when said in English, they sound completely weird. Most of the people bestowed with a weird name decide to change it. However, lucky for us, these people decided otherwise and gave us the best gift of all time. 


With the population of the world being over 7 billion there are bound to be names which sound down right weird to us in our own language.

So, scroll down below to see some of the most unfortunate names ever which will make you feel good about your name and thank your parents. 

  1. 1 Dick Long

  2. 2 Chris P. Bacon

  3. 3 Dr. Shit Fun Chew

  4. 4 F. You

  5. 5 Jesus Condom

  6. 6 Donald Duck

  7. 7 Lord Brain

  8. 8 Batman Bin Superman

  9. 9 Mrs. Rape

  10. 10 Dr. Pornsak

  11. 11 Anass Rhammar

  12. 12 Cooking With Poo

  13. 13 Mister Love

  14. 14 Marijuana Sawyer

  15. 15 Major Dickie Head

  16. 16 Drew Peacock

  17. 17 Heath Cockburn

  18. 18 Dr. Whet Faartz

  19. 19 Gay Neighbors

  20. 20 Oliver Loser

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