20 Most Daring Photos Taken By Most Adventurous People

  1. 1 The "Death Cage" only for daredevils where fear is not allowed

  2. 2 This young man is hanging tight and staying alive.

  3. 3 Hanging from a Tall Building!

  4. 4 Extreme picnic

  5. 5 Dean Potter on the line, solo at Taft Point

  6. 6 Just "Hanging" around from 354 meters tall stone!

  7. 7 This precarious selfie will have your palms pouring with sweat

  8. 8 National Geographic photographer Joe McNally standing on the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa

  9. 9 This Wanderlust person!

  10. 10 The craziest Russian city climbers makes me scream in fear!

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