15 Most Absurd Products to Make You Calm

Suffering from stress? Don’t worry, this post has got you covered! It’s entirely dedicated to 15 most absurd products to calm you down! While some of them are unconventional, others are quite fun and useful.


Enjoy the compiled list below!

  1. 1 Stress Relief Fluffy Slime

  2. 2 Scream Jar Voice Silencer Stress Releaser

  3. 3 Stress relieving squashy phone

  4. 4 When you're stressed, SQUEEZE THE EGG! More

  5. 5 Headband Temple Massager

  6. 6 Squishy Vomitive Egg Yolk Stress Reliever

  7. 7 Stress Relieve Fidget Cube

  8. 8 Aposema: Soft Robotic Mask that changes with your emotions

  9. 9 Bizarre Stress Reliever - The Head Kenzan Massager

  10. 10 Chicken Laying Egg Stress Relieving Squashy Toy

  11. 11 Antistress ball

  12. 12 Super Sized Enter Key!

  13. 13 Crocodile Dentist - A stress relieving game

  14. 14 Stress Relieving Scratch-Off City Poster

  15. 15 Fidget Toy for Relaxing Therapy

  16. 16 Is this cool or what? Work at the beach!

  17. 17 Ostrich Pillow! Catch Some Zzzzs Just About Anywhere

  18. 18 Relaxing Finger Head Spa

  19. 19 Alignment Socks To Reduce Tension And Promote Relaxation

  20. 20 Weird Spiky Mat That Helps Relieve Stress

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