20 Hilarious Wrong Number Messages

All it takes is a slip of a finger to end up sending your private thoughts a random stranger which were only meant to be heard by your best friend. Even worse is when you send a picture to a wrong number which shows you in your purest state (read: grossest) and in your natural habitat. But the cherry on top is when you get a reply from the wrong number. So here are some of the best cherry on top moments which you need to see.

  1. 1 Legit response!

  2. 2 That's such a standard response

  3. 3 An appropriate response to a wrong number text.

  4. 4 New Hair Cut

  5. 5 Nice way to scare the sh*t of someone!

  6. 6 Tony from the bar last night...

  7. 7 So much for his love for Ashley, damn.

  8. 8 Ouch...!

  9. 9 I'll be your queen!

  10. 10 To Carline!

  11. 11 No You Don't

  12. 12 Girl or Grill?

  13. 13 Glad to be of service

  14. 14 Lol, dogcat!

  15. 15 Happy Easter

  16. 16 Not Again....!

  17. 17 My Bad

  18. 18 You mean you like Me?

  19. 19 Cheap green beans!

  20. 20 Good point and nicely handled!

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