20 Funny Perfect Crime Photos

  1. 1 I am sure no one will notice.

  2. 2 Cake? We haven't seen any cake

  3. 3 This is a clear shot of the crime scene, unfortunately the tree did not survive...

  4. 4 Pretty well thought out, H & M. Pretty good...

  5. 5 The daughter came to the conclusion that if she would hide in the refrigerator, she would manage to safely leave all the delicacies.

  6. 6 The dog can now forget about its new lair.

  7. 7 Little-haired thought that he could steal and scatter trash out of the basket with impunity.

  8. 8 She made a fake Becky

  9. 9 When you want to go to the cinema for an adult movie.

  10. 10 He found the perfect place to avoid paying for parking.

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