18 Funny Fruits and Vegetables That Will Make You Smile

Have you ever found a ginger in your garden that looks like a bunny? Well, I have. It is not that uncommon for vegetables to morph into funny shapes resembling animals and animated characters or other species. You never know, the tomato in your garden may morph into an intergalactic super-hero butterfly. Anything is possible. 


In this post, we’ve listed down 18 cutely shaped vegetables and fruits that are sure to make you smile. Don’t skip the 15th one, it’s a super cute teddy-bear:

  1. 1 Butterfly Tomato

  2. 2 Baby Apple

  3. 3 Bitter Gourd Parrot Family

  4. 4 Terrified Peppers

  5. 5 Evil Onion

  6. 6 Angry Onion

  7. 7 Buddha Peer

  8. 8 LemonPhant

  9. 9 Cucumber viper

  10. 10 Tomato Face

  11. 11 Rabit Ginger

  12. 12 "Lizard" ry

  13. 13 Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot

  14. 14 Scary Cucumber

  15. 15 A Duck-Shaped Gourd

  16. 16 A Bear-Shaped Potato

  17. 17 A Goose-Shaped Gourd

  18. 18 This eggplant has a face.

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