15 Creepiest Santas That are Gonna Give You Nightmares

Santa is the legendary symbol of love, joy, and happiness. He is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man, whose appearance means one sure thing “GIFTS!”


As Christmas sets in, we see Santa Claus popping in every nook and corner of the city. While most of the Santa Claus is cute and kind, there are some instances where Santa epically fails and instead of spreading happiness or joy, He creeps the hell out of children!

Here are 15 creepy Santas that surely will give you nightmares. 11th gave me chills down my spine:

  1. 1 Save Us

  2. 2 He don't know what is going on

  3. 3 Cold faces

  4. 4 Please don't touch me

  5. 5 Bad Santa

  6. 6 Masked Santa

  7. 7 He knows how you spend your year

  8. 8 You are mine now

  9. 9 I watch you when you go to sleep

  10. 10 Too old to be a santa

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