18 Creative Yet Crazy Ideas To Keep Your Computer Cool

In summers it is really important to keep your laptop cool. Excessive heating may damage the laptop. Most of us turn on the AC in the room or if that’s not available we’ll stick to using a laptop cooling pad or maybe turn on an extra fan. However there are some people who do not believe in simple solutions. They believe in extremes. Their computer is their baby, and they’ll go to any extent to keep it cool. 


Listed in this post are 15 hilarious and let’s admit it creative ideas that some people have used to keep their computer cool:

  1. 1 Perfection...!

  2. 2 Indirect Cooling

  3. 3 Cold Stored

  4. 4 The freezing Bottle

  5. 5 Open it up

  6. 6 Using the fridge

  7. 7 Hug me Fan

  8. 8 Green Energy

  9. 9 It's hot inside

  10. 10 Freezing Laptop

  11. 11 Portable Fan

  12. 12 Complicated Fan system

  13. 13 Cleaning Up

  14. 14 It's better to install air conditioner

  15. 15 When it's HOT it's bath time

  16. 16 Low budget Air Conditioner

  17. 17 Processing Water

  18. 18 Installing AC Duct

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