15 Awful Yet Unique Designers’ Masterpieces

Designers are required to think outside of the box, more often than not. But sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, don’t drink coffee, feel sleep-deprived after spending the whole night binge-watching Netflix or it’s simply just not your day! Bottomline: every one gets unlucky sometimes.


So let’s see the designs these trend-setters make on their bad day. 

  1. 1 It's like buying a nightmare

  2. 2 Bathrom with a view!

  3. 3 Only $3,500

  4. 4 I won't take it even if it was free!

  5. 5 The giraffe sleeps tonight... Wimoweh, Wimoweh!

  6. 6 Well Played

  7. 7 Well Shaped Legs

  8. 8 Bite me!!

  9. 9 Fashion is worthless

  10. 10 Your own Titanic Tea Bag

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