23 Photos Of Everyday Camouflage That You Will Enjoy

Camouflage is usually associated with animals who have the ability to change colors or have natural patterns on their body so they can blend into the environment in order to hunt or save themselves from predators.  Another active use of camouflage is with the military, but, there are instances where people are wearing something which coincidently matches with the surroundings so much that it looks like camouflage.


These happy accidents make up very entertaining and funny photos and today we have put together a list of 21 photos of such instances.  Scroll down and enjoy! 

Leopard fashion


Ohh! found a girl

Afraid of wife

Matched stairs

Level camouflage

Alive Cover

Women wearing carpat

Same shoes

Looks like floor is crawling up on him and will take over his entire body

Cool print

I think the purpose was to display the shoes!

Blending in


Shoe jackpot

Well That's silly

Traffic cones

Almost same

Blend in it

Perfectly matched

Well that's an accident


Well that's an art

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