22 Unintended Yet Funniest Ad Placement Fails

Positioning is one of the core principles of the 7 Ps of marketing; if the marketing manager ignores the placement of his ads, he’s not really positioning the message for success. You wouldn’t expect to see a cigarette ad placed next to a cancer campaign. You wouldn’t relate babies to beer either, but these things happen. And everyone sees the irony, expect the marketers themselves. It’s quite hilarious really. 


Listed in this post are more than 22 misplaced advertisements. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 One in three

  2. 2 Baby sure does

  3. 3 No I don't want to

  4. 4 Daddy is in the club!

  5. 5 Fight cancer, And Have Cigarette!

  6. 6 Proud American

  7. 7 I used to be a tubby white guy...

  8. 8 Oops!

  9. 9 Tragic!

  10. 10 Ok!

  11. 11 Obesity Problem? Eat Junk food!

  12. 12 Epic Fail!

  13. 13 Quit School!!

  14. 14 Safe Landing!

  15. 15 Delicate Men's knitwear. LOL!

  16. 16 Now that's just bad ad placement...

  17. 17 Shell or hell?

  18. 18 Irony of advertising!

  19. 19 Placing the well is half the battle

  20. 20 Show her real you...LOL!

  21. 21 No! Don't do that!

  22. 22 Bad Timing - Ad Campaign...

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