20 Of The Most Hilarious Parking Disasters by Woman

We are not saying that women are bad drivers, but in my experience, anytime somebody cut me on the road or I saw someone driving badly, somehow, it has always been women! 


It is a common stereotype that women are not good drivers. Wait till you see these awesome parking jobs you know are done by none other than women. Scroll down and enjoy! 

Finding garage in boat

Under water parking

How did she come out?

Potted plants might inspire the styling of the Mk 8 Golf

The optional £300 reversing sensors seemed like a bargain.

No Parking in parking lot

If you can work out what’s happened here then let us know

Wrong Exit

Parked by chance


Easy Access

Bad parking sence

She thinks it will save time


Not enough space

Parking Skill Error

What's wrong with this?

Short Cut


Give me some space

Back sensor ERROR

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