10+ Totally Seems Legit Photos

Have you heard the saying “you can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all of the time”? However, these photos aren’t fooling anyone, unless a person is really dumb and has the IQ of a pigeon. 


These pictures are absolutely hilarious as you can see the effort someone made to fool the other person but he didn’t work hard enough. From legit spelling mistakes and typos to people creating knock-offs of famous brands, we have an amazing collection for all of you. 

Be sure to share with us the photo you liked the most. 

  1. 1 3st Prize

  2. 2 Angry Birds

  3. 3 Wine Book

  4. 4 Hand Made Machine

  5. 5 Kids Muscles

  6. 6 Nike

  7. 7 Blackberry cures blindness

  8. 8 Chrome Browser Jigglypuff Version

  9. 9 Super Mario

  10. 10 School Bus

  11. 11 100% UV Protection

  12. 12 Totally Legit

  13. 13 In just 12 weeks

  14. 14 Mac!!

  15. 15 Donut Seeds

  16. 16 Air guitar

  17. 17 We Promise

  18. 18 Google Official

  19. 19 Free cat

  20. 20 We are sorry!!

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