10+ Things That Only ’90s Kids Can Recognize

Feel like throwing it back to the 90s, aka your childhood? Just share this post! It has every nostalgic item from the 90s. Things which you thought were so cool and fun! Such a good and simple time.


Check out the compiled list below that only 90s kids can recognize.

  1. 1 A rainbow Koosh!!

  2. 2 Halloween buckets!!

  3. 3 This brand-new car!!

  4. 4 Home Lazer Tag Game!!

  5. 5 See-through phones!!

  6. 6 The hardest game you'll ever play!!

  7. 7 And the hardest mountain you'll ever climb!!

  8. 8 These tools for creating artistic masterpieces!!

  9. 9 Your first castle!!

  10. 10 A pixelated little blob!!

  11. 11 This team of appliances!!

  12. 12 These beautiful smells!!

  13. 13 And this team of animals!!

  14. 14 Pierre Escargot, in all his glory!!

  15. 15 Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture!!

  16. 16 Green goop!!

  17. 17 tupperware toys!!

  18. 18 Cereal color changing spoons!!

  19. 19 A toy from the 1930!!

  20. 20 And terrifying Gushers commercials!!

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