10+ Stunning Elderly Models That You Will Love

The world is used to seeing many young and middle-aged models. In fact, old generation models are quite rare nowadays. We have featured some models in this post who are stunning and have aged gracefully.


You might even recognize them from one of our early posts when these models took the internet by storm with their adorable photo-shoot!

Valentine Ash, 62 years Old!!

Venus Islamov, 63 years old, the new agency model!!

Olga Kondrashov, 72 years old!!

Irina Belysheva


Stunning Valentine Ash!!


Ludmila, 62 years old!!

In love with this photo!!

Dashing Sergey Arktika , 46 years old!!

Belysheva Irina, 69 years old / model OLDUSHKA Agency For spring lukbuka CUM 2017

Olga Kondrashov, 71 years old!!

Model Olga Kondrashov opens the show brand

Beautiful Woman!!

Belysheva Irina, 70 years / model OLDUSHKA agency for brand hats

Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 years old!!


What a Class!!

Olga, 69 years old.

Viktor, 73 years old.

So cool!

Ludmila, 60 years old!!

Model Lyudmila / 62!!

Sergei, the new model OLDUSHKA agency in St. Petersburg!!

Ageless Beauty!!

Nina, 75 years / model agency OLDUSHKA / Chelyabinsk!

Hot Guy! Ivan Petkov!!

Standard of beauty!!

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