10+ Staggering Coincidences That Will Amaze You

What you’re about to see, is not photoshopped, as hard it is to believe this fact. I guess this is just life’s way of playing games on us! Not that we mind though!


Enjoy the compiled list below and don’t forget to share these staggering coincidences with your friends and family! 

  1. 1 So it’s starting to duplicate processes!!

  2. 2 What is this I don't even...

  3. 3 A glitch in the matrix!!

  4. 4 Zoinks! Call the cops!!

  5. 5 A dragon fly landed on my friends foot and mirrored its own tattoo.

  6. 6 Well, carry on just read your paper!!

  7. 7 I had to do a double take and then another. I wasn't sure I was seeing this right. It just couldn't be!!

  8. 8 Each booth is an alternate universe!!

  9. 9 These two guys entered the metro from different stations and don't even know each other. They kind of fit together!!

  10. 10 "Cookie Monster". LOL

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