13 Shadows That Look Insanely Dirty But Actually are Not

Do you think you have a dirty mind? Have you ever come across something docile and converted it completely into a double meaning joke?  Admit it, you’ve done that more than once, we’ve all done that at one point or another. This optical delusion phenomena is something that manifests the dirty creativity hidden in our minds. So if you want to test the lewd creativity of your mind, here we have a collection of 10 simple shadows that will prove you have a dirty mind.


Don’t forget to see the 10th one, its spot on:

  1. 1 Speaking of inappropriate…. is this shadow reading his mind?

  2. 2 Shadow puppets can be funny

  3. 3 Is that.....?!

  4. 4 Sly Shadow.....

  5. 5 Shadow in my bathroom...

  6. 6 Everyday around this time a row of body parts magically appear along this bridge.

  7. 7 Their souls caught up in a moment of romance?

  8. 8 Two mugs cast a rather cheeky shadow.

  9. 9 Wolves in sheep's clothing...

  10. 10 Another Dirty mind test

  11. 11 Come on! It's just an innocent photo........Ok! with little inappropriate shadow!

  12. 12 Speaking of inappropriate…

  13. 13 Photography at its finest......we can say!

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