Here Are 10+ Authentic Reasons Why Women Live Longer Then Men

It is a universally acknowledged fact that women live longer than men. Historically, people presumed that this was because women stay in the safety of their homes while men risk their lives to earn the bread for the family. Yeah right!  We all know that’s not the real reason.


Women are working now too, you don’t see the ratio getting any better. This is because the real reason for women living longer is the early death of men due to sheer stupidity. You can find hilarious photographic evidence below to prove our point:

He takes it rather well....

Bad idea!!

Be honest we all know the reason

Worst idea ever

Impressing creativity

Daring or Stupid??

Are they still alive?

A toddler may crawl from behind and play with the trigger.


Safety fail!!

I hope they have private health insurance

How did he even get there?

He's got a dangerous job to do...

Unsafe work platform

Don't EVER piss off your coworker

HOW did they ever think this was a good idea?


A real risk taker

Is there any safe way to cross that?

Why is he even there??

Occupational Safety fail

Minimum safety standards

Thats's why women live longer than men!

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